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The more skid patches you have, the more regions (surfaces, spots, *patches*) of the tire will have a chance at skidding. What this boils down to is, if you have one skid patch every single time you skid you're gonna be sliding along on that spot.

With 17 skid patches, every time you skid you have a chance of hitting either of those 17 spots, so essentially you'll distribute the skid wear of your tire across 17 places rather than just one.

I am sure you already looked into this and know that, but just in case...

Anyway, like everyone here has already said, if you're not skidding or skip stopping it doesn't matter at all. I went from a 16 to a 17 and gained quite a number of skid patches (from 4 I believe to 17, since I only skid with one leg) and skid quite frequently, but really you'll stop most of the time by using your legs to slow the bike, or using a brake.

Let's face it... everyone really just skids for ****s and giggles, it's not really the best way to stop. Sometimes, but really.

It sure as hell is fun, especially when you kick the rear tire out to the left or right. Looks pretty dope. Just ride like you do... skid if you wanna, and if/when your tires ever get pretty foobar in one spot, maybe time to invest in a cog that will give you more skid patches.

That's just my $0.02
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