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No plan.
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Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
When I was in college I spent $0 a week on beer.

HIGH FIVE! ALRIGHT! Another straightedger on this board!!!!!

I'm _NOT_ going to get into the booze and weed discussion because I will make very few friends and many enemies debating that, but let's say you expand your spendings on what you have. Sometimes I'd have $15 to my name and could live with a functioning bike and a meal plan just fine. Other times I had $600 that went to bike parts, shopping sprees at American Apparel, and so on. The big thing is to take advantage of your school's "school only money" that gets put onto your account and you can spend anywhere around campus. Bonus: if you have a loans or financial aid you can get this money put on your tuition and billed through financial aid.

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