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Soy has estrogen precursors...the raw material your body produces estrogen it can have a moderating or regulating influence on hormone levels. Soy supplements are sometimes used in naturopathic medicine for women's menopause, because of that regulating influence. But the body knows what it needs to be making, so it's not going to throw off your hormone balance toward estrogen. It takes what it needs from the precursors to make things.

The benefits of soy, though, are that studies show it's an anti-cancer food. Especially for men, the regulating influence on testosterone, and the other anti-cancer benefits, are helpful for prostate cancer. Testosterone helps fuel prostate cancer growth.

One way I could see that having alot of soy in your diet would affect you undesirably is if you're trying to build muscle mass. Testosterone helps build and maintain lean muscle mass, and keep lower fat levels on the body. Soy could technically help regulate testosterone levels to moderate that benefit. On the other hand, if you're cycling alot, fat levels should be well moderated, and building alot of muscle mass is probably not desired.

I have soy milk pretty often (and also non-rbgh dairy and meat). For me, there's a fair history of prostate cancer and stuff in my family, and I'm looking at that. I also put on muscle fairly easily; I guess we're just raging with testosterone I'm not worried about any moderating influence on that.

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