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I just had to put a dog "down" last week. Poor old guy was just in too much pain. Couldn't eat, or drink. I honestly didn't expect his passing to be as hard on me as it was. He'd been slowly fading for quite a while, but the sudden turn for the worse was difficult to witness. In a moment of painlessness for him, I took him on his last walk. Out in the back yard for a feeble pee. I told him he was one of the most noble of beings I've ever known. All those memories are the good part of having a pet. If you are hurting over your own loss, you aren't alone.

But if that's your doggie just sleeping away a warm afternoon, go give her a pet on the head for me, K?

Here's the Oggie Boy a month before the end. Good days for him.

This is one of his last walks, down a driveway that he'd run up and down in his youth
while chasing tennis balls.
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