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Originally Posted by bluebottle1 View Post
Broke my heart reading this, Sisko. I know what it's like to lose a dog, and I've got four of them right now. I'm not looking forward to the day my eldest leaves me, but that's a few years off. It's tough to see him get older and a bit arthritic these days, but he still has a lot of life and a lot of love. One thing I've learned is that one dog can never replace another. Each has to be appreciated for his or her own self. Your pain speaks to your humanity.
I've never had a dog die the way this one did - a slow debilitation, then the rapid decline plus his stubborness to the very end. All my other dogs were either run over (A classic. No hearing, bad eyes, middle of the road at the wrong time...), or walked away in the woods and never came back. What I did with this one throughout his last weeks was treat him as I had always done. Same amount of attention, same petting motions and tugs of his ears, or lightly taping on his front paws while he watched my fingers, then touching his nose, doing all the aggressive hand gestures that always excited him in the past, rolling a tennis ball in front of him or kicking it toward him, just familiar stuff that makes them feel as though everything is normal. And while all that helps them, it certainly helps us too.
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