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Originally posted by Cadd
When I ride, I usually go with my friends who are more into slower/group/chat/riding (yes, most of them are females).
Hey, watch it! There are a few women on this site that would probably whip you in a race...

Would I look like a fool if I ride on the drops with them? Can I ride on the top or on top of the brakes for a long period of time? Is it comfortable?
I ride on the drops going slowly because I get more control that way. I also ride a lot on the brakes and the top. That's the point. You can switch position a lot more to wherever is comfortable. And I wouldn't worry too much what you look like. I shouldn't have thought you'll get any more comments riding slowly on the drops than you will otherwise.

Good luck getting your bike. $700 is about 10 times what I spent on my last bike, but that was second hand and I have upgraded parts since.

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