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I was in the same spot you are. My wife and I are new to biking this year. We went to many different shops and rode everything we could. By everything I mean from mt.bikes to x-country bikes and rode all the models we could find. When we started looking at bikes I was convinced I wanted a x-country bike untill I test rode a mt. bike. after riding a mt. I couldnt see myself riding a x-country. I spent alittle over 400.00 for my Raleigh m-60. My advice is do what my wife and I did and shop around and ride everything you can from Mt. to x-country to rode bikes. Then find one you no you will ride for a few years then if you want you can upgrade. Just alittle advice if you are looking at x-c for any reason you can always upgrade the tires to something with more of a bite.
Just my 2 cents.

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