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Originally Posted by kmart View Post
I'm hoping you're not one of those guys that's going to "color coordinate" their bike ("ooh, the frame is blue! I know what to do here: get a blue chain, blue Deep Vs, a blue stem and a blue grill 4 realz!").

It could use some dazzling up (unless you prefer low key or purely functional stuff), but don't go too far with it. It's too nice a bike
no way, the most color coordinating i want to do, is chrome the lugs, and maybe get some silver-colored rims and spokes (maybe open pro's? any suggestions are welcome- something light and durable for ****ty nyc roads, but don't want it to look too out of place on that bike).

when i paint, i want to chose a color that is true to the original colors of paramounts of that time. thinking maybe black, but not too sure yet. considering getting an old decal set, but maybe it will be better to leave the decals off

the only controversial thing i'm planning on doing is putting a brake on (so i don't die). looking at clamp-on options, because i am definitely not drilling the fork
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