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Quality of Grip Shifters?

Hi all,

I'm overhauling (on a low budget ) an early 80's Sekai mixte and the person riding the bike (daily commuter) wants indexed grip shifters (the bike came with old-school stem friction shifters). I always notice the tremendous glut of super-low quality grip shifters on bikes these days. Since I'm not an experienced mountain biker, I have no idea about the quality of grip shifters on the market today. So far it seems like the best value is the SRAM MRX Comp. These are less than $30 for a set and will work with the drive-train setup going on the bike. I noticed there doesn't seem to be very many Shimano grip shifters out there except in the Nexus line and a few 3-speeds. Does SRAM just own too many grip shifter patents? Any advice here on decently priced grip shifters would be appreciated.

p.s no SRAM ESP/1:1 stuff as the derailleurs going on bike will not be compatible (the bike will all be Shimano). Thanks.
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