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Originally Posted by littledog View Post
Does anyone else here have to deal with riding in areas like this? Or do you just avoid it at all costs?
That is a very sad story but you don't have all the facts.

I lived in a bad neighborhood for a year when our city's murder rate peaked--6 people died from gunshots within a block radius on my spot within terms of my lease--but all the violence around us was drug related. One double murder was extremely tragic because it was people out late who witnessed something they shouldn't have. Only time I was ever hassled was on the 4th of July when drunk relatives felt it appropriate to yell at the white boy who they did not know lived on the next corner.

Bottom line is that during the day you are likely fine as long as you aren't holding or moving in on someone's territory. If you live in the area always say hello to your neighbors and be nice to the panhandlers. Don't give them money, since they will then start to expect it, but don't give them a hard time and acknowledge them.

If you don't live there, don't let your eye's wander, focus on getting where you are going, and don't give an attitude to someone who may let you know that you stand out a bit. And, of course, stay on the main roads.
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