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This is what happened at the bike shop today. I explained the situation and he pointed at the Specialized Sirrus and the Sirrus Sport.

The Sirrus was for 500 (tax included)
and the Sirrus Sport is 700 (tax included)

First off, does anyone know if this is a good deal? Secondly, does the sport version justify the $200 increase in price?

Can someone look at the specs of these two bikes and let me would be real helpful if someone can give me an honest opinion here's the website for:


Sirrus Sport

The guy in the bike shop said the main difference are the brake lever/shifter (one piece in sirrus vs. 2 pieces in sirrus sport), crank and the gears.

Now my other question is: does anyone know anything about the Specialized Crossroad A1 Limited? It's a women's bike with thinner tires. He wants $300 for for that bike. This bike is for my girlfriend...he says it's a limited edition, which is why it's not in Specialized's website or catalogs.

I also asked him about the Jamis Coda. He said the Sirrus and Coda are about the same...and that there isn't much difference. He carries Jamis, but doesn't not have any in stock. He can order bikes from Jamis if I want. I also asked about the Jamis Nova and Aurora, and he gave me the same answer.

Could someone also check out these bikes for me and tell me what you think

Jamis Coda
Jamis Nova
Jamis Aurora

If someone who is bike savvy and can do this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

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