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Just a question for the CM advocates: Besides demonstrating that lots of people ride bikes, what does it accomplish?

The police show up waiting for trouble.

The news reports the most obnoxious of the riders.

The buzz about CM outside the cycling community is absolutely bad.

So besides riling people up, has CM accomplished anything besides pissing people off?

Now, I think cyclists have their place. I think bikes have every bit of right to the road that cars do. But does CM really do anything to accomplish any goals other than going out with the intention of being disruptive?

In my neighborhood, there are a group of four middle aged guys who go out every Saturday (or Sunday, depending on the weather) sometimes ten to fifteen at a time. They're given respect on the road. They're respectful of motorists.

All in all, it's a mutual relationship.

I think if cyclists just got together and rode rather than "riding to protest" the message would reach people who aren't cyclists a whole hell of a lot better.
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