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Mt. Rose Ride Report

I'm up in Reno visiting my mother so today I finally tackled Mt. Rose which is visible in the distance from where she lives. It's several miles of flatland to get over to where Highway 431 begins so I took it easy on the surface streets. Once the right turn begins on 431 it's awful wind and forced to go in the smaller chain ring for some false flats before the climbing begins. There is little break to this climb, it's just over 16 miles up with a lot of switch backs and grade changes. I spent the bulk of the time in the 34x21 but did spin in the 34x24 past the 8000' elevation sign. The road near the top is getting paved and there is loose gravel everywhere, no shoulder and enough cars to annoy the entire ride up. Fortunately I missed the steam roller which was working on the pavement on the descent side with a lot of cars lined up behind it. I still only have a cell phone camera but it's better than nothing.

Some images from the summit the first time up.

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