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Originally Posted by Travelinguyrt
If every advance in the cause of expansion of "human rights" waited for the pols to get the job done we would still have children working in factories, mines and getting killed, you would not have 30 minutes min for lunch, vacations,(yeh sure one week in USA, 4 weeks in most of Europe),and look at the total lack of interest in pols for child day care centers for working types, OH and yeh the big one,womens voting rights which my greatgrandmother and grandmother worked for years to help become law.
So sit on your butt, do nothing and watch cyclists get killed because paint can't be applied to streets for lanes and mortorists can't be jailed for hitting AND KILLING US.
sit back and do nothing, or get off your lazy butt , the life you save may belong to your child or grandchild
Remember the indifference by a former administration in the face of the early AIDS situation? 7 years before it was even mentioned by name?
Thats what happens when we wait for pols to get off their butts and get things done
You like to ride your bike in a beautiful park? Think the parks just happened?
Pols are supposed to follow the electorate, seems somehow it has been turned around
How long do you think the current air traveling mess would last if ALL pols had to travel as the rest of us do, wait in lines suffer indignities of personal inspections.
Wait do nothing, criticize those who want to see better things for themselves and their children and friends, or get up, get out, ride and make yourself heard

I think if politicians followed the electorate, we'd be relegated to bike paths and sidewalks. Cycling advocates are trying to make the politicians think "outside the box" and make changes for the better, before the need to hits them over the head.
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