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Originally Posted by zeppinger View Post
There are several threads related to commuting through bad parts of town. If i remember right the consensus was to try and do it with a friend, especially if you are a girl. Some people recommended bear mace and I would generally agree, maybe get a bento box that sits near your stem for such an occasion. Other said they ride through those sections of town as fast as their legs to carry them reasoning that a bike doing 25 mph is harder to mug than a bike doing 10 mph. Do a search for that thread and just use some common sense while riding. You are about 300 time more likely to get hit by a stupid driver, even in some of the nicest neighborhoods, than get mugged/shot in one of the bad. Always try and keep things in perspective
"a bike doing 25 mph is harder to mug than a bike doing 10 mph"?

25 mph bicycle commuter through a city? I wonder how many people can ride 25 mph to get to work that are not professional athletes. Better to stay home where it is safe and watch work on television.

Seriously, though, I have ridden through bad neighborhoods in the morning and afternoon. Most of the riff-raff are still sleeping until 5:00 or 6:00 PM.
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