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I found this site that indicated the grade was never steeper than 8%

Mt. Hamilton is a longer climb more or less so I kept that in the back of my mind while going up the Reno side. It took me 19 minutes to get from the BofA/ Raley's stop light up to Callahan where the head wind kicked back in. The next long stretch of false flats reminded me of climbing out of Woodfords for the final pass of the Death Ride. Dull and uninspiring. I did get to see a 3 trailer big rig broken down on the side of the road waiting for help. Those things go on forever. Along the way I passed a few riders on heavy mtn bikes with regular pedals and backpacks/camping gear. They both had the bonk look on their faces and this was in the Galena Creek Park section before the switchbacks. I felt bad for them and did see them later on still on the Reno side while I was descending back. What makes the Reno side challenging are the winds. I found myself cruising along at a good rhythm and after a right turn the wind kicks in and I'm forced two gears lower and watching the mph drop on the cyclometer.
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