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What size tyres are you using. I was on 18mm until I gained weight, then went to 20mm, and now ride 23mm. If you are a heavy rider (>80kg) you should be on sturdy* 23mm otherwise you will be likely to get regular pinch flats, especially if you don't have max pressure. *Note: foldable tyre <> sturdy

I had a similar problem with my new bike, except I got a few flats where the tube was holed on the underside. It turned out that the cheap scummy rim tape had a tiny split right on the edge of one of the spoke holes. I ripped off the tape only to find that the manufacturer hadn't bothered to remove the burrs from the drilled holes. Make: ALEXrims

Solution: thick cloth rim tape.

I also use lightweight puncture strips wheels I use for training to reduce risk of thorn/glass penetration. This won't help with pinch flats though.
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