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The man stated that none of us do any good and he spends his time giving to organizations that do good blah blah blah.
Ummm, no I didn't. I did explain numerous times, however, that I thought CM was a waste of time and accomplished zippo. If you belong to fifty thousand other organizations, groups, or initiatives and they're all helpful, that doesn't make CM helpful at all.

And NYCM'er, as I said, overzealous police officers are wrong. Period. And I hope you guys take it to them. Contrary to what you may think, I don't condone the actions of the police just because I disagree with CM rides.

In fact you guys have me so intrigued about the police aspect of it, I'll be on my bike at the end of November with my video camera giving CM another try. If they pull any ****, I'll have it on film.

If anyone would like to meet up at the ride, let me know. Should be interesting to see what the video camera sees.
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