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Originally Posted by Dahon.Steve View Post
I think waiting for the bus in a bad neighborhood is about the worse thing you can do.
No. Engaging in criminal activity AND flashing cash while you do so is much worse. Or either one of those two. By engaging with the crooks in their element you increase your chances of being a victim, if they see you have more cash than needed for the current transaction they'll try to set you up for a robbery.

When you wait at a bus stop you certainly use society's prejudices to camouflage yourself as a poor person. You don't even have cab fare how can you be carrying enough money to bother with? Plus, if you use the schedule a bus full of witnesses will arrive at any moment. Plus, if you look comfortable waiting for the bus in a bad neighborhood you might have the skills to deal with creeps. This is unlike the scared biker pedaling fast as he can, looking around nervously and timing lights so he doesn't have to stop and interact with the locals.
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