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I went to another LBS today...just about 6 blocks from my house (1/4 mile away)....they carried lots of C'dale, Trek, Bianchi, Specialized, Reliegh, but no Jamis.....they told me that Jamis is a different breed of bike, they are not bad bikes, but different class...

But anyways, they have lots of bikes. The sales lady showed me around and showed me bikes that may fit. She also mentioned that the Sirrus might not be that great of a bike for me because 28c is the fattest tires I can put on it. I asked her many many times and stressed to her that I'm worried about the curbs....she says that 28 is the fattest that bike holds....can anyone confirm this? Here are the Specs for the Sirrus again.

She showed me a nice C'dale for $969 it was a 2001 Road Warrior 500. Is that a steal or is it "just an ok deal"?

Thanks. Now, about fit....everyone tells me FIT IS EVERYTHING! That a $2,000 bike sold at a discount for $700 that doesn't fit well is worst than a $700 msrp bike. Is this true? How would I know if the LBS I'm buying from is fitting me properly? Is there anyway I can fit myself or just to give myself a guide line before I goto the LBS?

Again, I greatly appreciate all of your help. I hope to become a bike addict one day....and there's no better place to start than here!
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