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Hey, everybody, Frankie Fixed here. Just registered. I ride a Bianchi track bike up here along the Connecticut River. I live in Vermont and commute 25 miles to my job in New Hampshire. Look forward to conversing with all you sane people. Here's my most recent bike adventure. Last summer I got sprayed by a high school kid hanging out of the back window of a Neon with a Super Squirter. It felt good on a hot day, but I really am offended by the disrespect.
Well, I kept pedaling along and, sure enough, the Neon got stalled in the perpetual traffic jam in front of the local K-Mart about two miles down the road. As I approached, I saw that my assailant had left her window down. I got to the car just as the front of the pack was starting to move, whipped out my trusty water bottle know what a heavy stream you can get when you squeeze a really full water bottle? Yeah, I doused her. I rode on, much faster than the car could creep and her screams followed me for a quarter mile.
I don't get it. She was laughing when I got wet.
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