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Originally Posted by twiggy_D View Post


A question was asked and it needed an answer, plus it proved a point. Field Hockey uses wooden sticks, they are hard and can cause some serious hurt if you get clobbered by one.
Yet the protective gear is utterly minimal.

When I see people riding like they do at high level BMX events on the street, then I might consider them not wearing protective headgear a little dumb.

But given most cyclists ride along the road, both wheels firmly planted on the road surface, protective gear is just, well useless.

Much more useful is sticking a basket on the right side of your bike (or left if you're one of these crazy people that right on the right hand side of the road, utter nutters if you ask me)

Why's it more useful than a helmet?
People give you much more space when passing, so your basket doesn't scratch their paintwork.
^ Twisted sense of logic. If I were to follow your logic, I wouldn't have worn a helmet on my motorcycle because it rides on the road and has both wheels planted on the road surface.

I can tell you that I'm still here today after my crash because I wore a helmet. After seeing the sorry state my helmet was in and realized that could've been my face, I was damn happy to have worn a helmet.

Cars passing on your left is the least of your worries.

PS: A basket on the left side of my motorcycle would've been 100% less useful than my helmet in that crash.
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