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Originally Posted by Tommyr View Post
I don't have kids. If I did they'd be wearing them. I advocate wearing helmets even though I see a LOT of kids not wearing them. Your family is just real lucky is all.
Incorrect. Consider that the vast majority of cyclists throughout the world don't and never did wear helmets. Are they all just really lucky? FACT is, the odds of an injury that might be prevented by wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle are about the same as that of other activities that you and I do daily but do not feel the need to wear helmets for. It really is a shame to see all you people who have been so conditioned to think that cycling is SO dangerous.

Wear your helmet, we're glad that you do, nobody is telling you not to, but if you think doing so makes you smarter than anyone else, you are sadly mistaken. It just means that you fear cycling more than others. Period.
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