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It is hard to believe that Tyler of all people would resort to such risky tactics to improve his fitness!

LIke mayn, he has been a bright spot in the face of all the other EPO scandals and never seemed the sort to get involved in such stuff. Especially something as risky as transfusions!!!

That said, the evidence will have to be really incredible to refute the test. According to what a doctor friend of mine told me red blood cells only live a maximum of 120 days and it would take a suficiant amount of "alian" blood (about a pint) to have it show up in a sample. The speculation of putting blood products into things to taint the rider's blood just don't stand up in the face of this data.

Here is hoping that Tyler has some very strange (and confirmable) condition that would cause the kind of changes in his blood cells that are detected in the test (which are supposed to signify blood from another person because of markers on the blood cells).

As an asswide, if we could only come up with a truely "FOOLPROOF" set of tests we could begin entertaining the "Lifetime Ban" from sports that has been suggested. I for one, would support kicking ANY cheat out of ALL sports (no matter what sport they are in). This would require the cooperation of teams and officials (which is not likely to come eaisily since they have a lot of $$$ tied up in these guys and a vested interest in their winning!!!) As was proven in the movie "Rollerball" - competative sports on the professional level are ENTERTAINMENT!! (and a means of increasing product awareness for the sponsors).
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