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I'm hearing many pieces of information that need to be pieced together. Somebody correct anything I've misunderstood.

Moment of intertia, and hence weight, only really matters when you're accelerating. When maintaining a constant speed, the weight actually helps, right? But because of the decelerating force of rolling resistence and air resistence, you're applying force to maintain that steady speed and in practice, you are going to be constantly declerating and accelerating by small measures even when you are attempting to maintain a steady speed, right? So I'd have to conclude that weight matters a lot.

In the real world, unless you're talking about the differences between a 700x25 and a 700x28 of the same make, weight is going to be a big factor.

Would I be stating the obvious to say that a wide (let's say, 35) 500g slick that takes 75 psi is going to be much slower than a narrow (let's say, 25) 200g slick that takes 120 psi?
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