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New chain cleaning method...

This may not be NEW to anyone, but I've never read about anyone doing it this way:

I recently aquired a VWR aquasonic's a big-ish heated unit that came from an industrial lab. I was using it to clean jewlery for my wife when I though "hey, this would be great for deep cleaning bike parts!" LOL

So pulled the chain of my bike, gave it a quick de-greasing in a coffee can with Simple Green, then placed the chain in the sonicator detergent water for 20 minutes or so. WOW! Talk about a clean chain!

Dried the chain immediately with air compressor, then inspected for leftover grime. No grime to be found. In fact, the chain is so clean, it's dry feeling. Hit it with some Dumonde Tech and we're back in buisness.

Anyone else ever try this? Hope I didn't ruin anything.

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