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[devil's advocate]
Well, on the other hand, this could be a good thing for cyclists in the long run. a bicycle licensing system could potentially legitimize cycling as a means of transportation in the eyes of motorists. Most of the shouts of "get off the road!" and the attempts to ride me into the ditch come from motorists who believe that the road belongs to them since they pay gas taxes and vehicle licensing fees. A small, reasonably-priced bicycle licensing fee could have an effect on making drivers view bicycles as vehicles as well.
I do realize that this isnt't the point of this particular bill.
I live in a very bicycle-friendly city and I would NEVER take part in a Critical Mass ride here. The city has put millions into making bicycle paths and traffic-calmed routes for cyclists. CM here serves no purpose other than pissing off motorists even more.
[\devil's advocate]
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