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"They" (that notoriously evil faction of faceless supervillains) have to act fast, or before you know it cyclists will want to use their drinking fountains, vote, own land, sit at the front of the bus, and eat pie.

Get on the phones, folks. Get in personal contact with your gov't representation. They're going to follow what they feel is the majority, and if they don't hear opposition to this sort of thing, well...who can blame them? It's their job to repesent the voice of the people, so be heard!

Glad I live in a place with ample bike paths and bike-friendly law enforcement, but witch hunts spread like wildfire. After Columbine, every rural high school in the area hired "resource officers" (off-duty cops) to police the halls and installed metal detectors at every entrance - no school around here has EVER had any problem whatsoever with students bringing weapons to class. Some seriously troubled youth go on a killing spree, and now every high school student in America must be hiding an Uzi in their bookbag.
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