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Originally Posted by gpsblake
My question, what more rights do you want as a bicyclist? I can't think of a single law in the state that I live in that would really benefit or help bicyclist with the exception that drunk/suspended drivers who hit and kill bicyclist/walkers should get 2nd degree murder and a minimum of 20years in prison.
I think generally the laws are there... but the cage drivers don't know it, and certainly don't share the road. CM may be a rather unruly way to show that there are a lot more cyclist out there than the average driver believes, but it does get attention.

The real issue is that cops don't enforce the laws evenly, and drivers refuse to believe that bikes belong on the road. If there was some way to tell drivers that they MUST share the road, then I would be all for it... I would love to see PSAs that illustrate and train how to be a safe, courteous driver... heck, I would love for these idiots to just use turnsignals... sigh...
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