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How Fast Do They Really Want to Go?!

A couple of days ago, I'm driving along a long lonely stretch (2 lane country road) in my (gasp) Cadillac. I'm cruising at five over the speed limit when this small economy type car comes up behind me. Looking in my rearview mirror I see a young woman driving while talking with another young woman.

I knew she intended to pass me. Since I was already speeding I wondered how fast she really wanted to go? I decided to experiment and see. I slowly increased my speed. Ever so smoothly we crept faster and faster. The Cadillac was barely breathing when we zoomed past 80 MPH, and still they were creeping up on me looking to pass. I kept increasing our speed, at 95 mph she was still talking and still looking to pass, she didn't appear road-raged or aware of our ever increasing speed.

At 100mph we began to approach some vehicles in front so I slowed things down.

I couldn't believe this person was going that fast and didn't appear to realize it! She was set to pass me, I guess just because I was in front of her.

She finally did pass me but couldn't go any faster due to the traffic ahead of us.

I'm always amazed at how inattentive we can be in our cars.

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