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Replace frame & wheels or get a new bike?

I currently have a "hybrid" bike set up for touring. The frame & wheels are in bad shape, and i don't trust them that much, so i haven't been riding it very far & riding my recumbent on longer rides.

I'd like to start riding it more (on long rides), so i need to either 1) fix it up, or 2) get a new bike.

Both are currently valid options for me, but i don't want to throw money down the toilet, especially since i just bought a new drivetrain & cranks for it this year (before i found out the frame was dying ). I only spent ~300 for the drivetrain though, so if if i buy a new bike and those parts get wasted, i won't mind too much.

For the frames & wheels option, i've been planning on getting some wheels built, which i'm guessing will cost me ~$450CAD
And for the frame, i'm looking at getting an Long haul Trucker (~$450CAD), Karate Monkey (~$450CAD), or Turismo Extreme (~$750)
I like the idea of getting disc brakes, partly because then i'll be able to swap wheels with my recumbent (it has disc brakes), but that's not completely necessary.

What's making consider getting a new bike is that the frame & wheels will cost me ~$1000, which is a good chunk of a new bike.

I guess some opinions would be nice, but i've got a couple of more specific questions.

-I priced out wheels from peterwhitecycles.com & harriscyclery.com, which is where i got the ~$450 price for wheels. How would wheels on a "complete" touring bike compare to these? It's that since i'm paying 1000 already, i could pay 500 more and get a complete bike, but that might not be a valid comparison if the wheel quality is substantially different.

-Because the Karate Monkey is a mountain frame, how low would i be able to get my drops? I understand that mountain bikes have higher headtubes, but are they so high that an angled stem (downwards) couldn't make up for height. I don't need my bars superlow, but i also don't want them higher than I currently have them.


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