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Last weekend we drove out to Wellington Point for the afternoon. Nice spot. On the way back we were passed by a 'person' in a matte black POS Nissan who was clearly in a hurry. I was driving at about 5 below the speed limit in an 80km/h zone, but this guy clearly wanted to go much faster. The funny thing was, for the next ten or fifteen minutes we pretty much matched pace with him.

I kept driving slightly slower than the speed limit, staying in my lane and basically driving as boringly as possible. He was rapidly accerelrating up to a few feet from the back of the next car, whereupon he had to fiercly apply the brakes. He did the same thing with traffic lights. Every foot he gained by driving like a maniac was sucked up by having to slow for traffic or stop for traffic lights. He probably used about 10% (wild guess) more fuel, tyre rubber and brake lining to get the same distance in the same time.

Some people just don't get it.
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