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Originally Posted by Peterpan1 View Post
Anyway, my point is that I am grossly at the margins and still manage to not break anything. Even stuff like a cross country tour is only a few thousand miles and many people comute their way through that over and over. Super gear is appropriate to those who need it and do rougher trips or just like it.
My main concern is not breaking things. A very heavy rider on a frame not built for it will often find the bike uncontrollable at the worst possible time. Going downhill at 35 mph with 60 pounds of gear on a flexible frame can cause very negative handling characteristics. That is why a few times I have not built a frame for a heavier rider who would not take my advice and go for the stronger custom frame with oversize tubing.
People may disagree, but I have been building loaded touring bikes for almost 35 years.
Bruce Gordon
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