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A proposal in the New York City Council will be voted on by its members. The members of that council care about two things: the support of the registered votors of New York City AND bribes (I mean campaign contributions).

So, if you are a registered voter in the city of New York (and registered in the district the "Honorable" lady represents) let her know you intend to vote for and FUND the campaign of her opponent in the next election.

Any letters or e-mails from people who are NOT registered to vote in her district will provide her staff with a few yuks, but will simply go to a land-fill.

In the last election, only one in three people under the age of twenty-five bothered to vote. And very few people in that age group provided bribes (I mean contributions) to political candidates.

How many members of this forum who live in a city that has a city council knows the NAME of the person who represents their neighborhood on the council? Voted in the last city election? Gave generous bribes (I mean contributions) to a city council member?

Don't waste your time e-mailing politicians. They want your votes and your money. Your whining is not of any interest to them.
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