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Every foot he gained by driving like a maniac was sucked up by having to slow for traffic or stop for traffic lights. He probably used about 10% (wild guess) more fuel, tyre rubber and brake lining to get the same distance in the same time.
When I drive, I don't drive a SUV, but I do drive a S-10 with the 6-cylinder, 4.3L engine. For the longest time, I was one of those jack-rabbit starters and stoppers and would only get about 10MPG in the city.

Recently, I have worked on changing my ways. I generally coast to a red light and take it easy accelerating. Since I started doing that, I have found that I am now getting 18-19MPG in the city!

she didn't appear road-raged or aware of our ever increasing speed.
100 MPH? My old car (4-cylinder, 2.2L Chevy Beretta) struggled to get to 75. It would hit 100+, but would take a while for the engine to wind up (about a mile and a half). I bet she did realize she was going that fast.

So how fast did she want to go? I can't say. I can say that I have seen people doing 80+ MPH on a small 2-lane highway with rain at night. The speed limit for 2-lane highways in my area is 55.

The reason they want to drive that fast? We have all grown up watching race car drivers. Many teens like to push the envelope. People believe that with their seat belts and air bags, nothing will happen to them. And the main reason drivers want to drive fast: Car companies make cars so that they can go that fast.
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