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I think fit is the primary criteria for picking a helmet. It needs to stay put in the right place on your head or it isn't worth bothering with. I am always amazed at the people I see with helmets that are either a poor fit or so poorly adjusted as to be worthless.

I have found that helmets fall apart pretty quickly these days. I don't think spending more helps much with that either. I look at it as a consumable and assume that it needs to be replaced at least every couple years if you ride a lot even if you don't crash.

Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
Spend money on shoes, bags, tents, sleeping bag/pads, bike, shorts and handle bars.

Save money on pedals, cookware, jerseys, rain gear and helmets.
Hmmm, interesting....
My lists are more like:

Spend money on shoes, sleeping pads, and shorts. These I am pretty firm on and wouldn't cut corners. Cutting corners here would bring me discomfort.

Save money on cookware, jerseys, rain gear, bags, handle bars, and helmets. These are pretty solidly in their category too. I have found all these items at a low price without feeling like I was compromising. I really don't feel like spending more would enhance a trip much for me.

I am kind of in between on tents, pedals, sleeping bag, and bike. Depending on the conditions likely to be encountered some of these could be bumped up or down. More severe weather definitely bumps up the tent and sleeping bag, but typical weather for most Summer touring in the US isn't that demanding and I can do fine with a $75 Slumberjack bag. On the tent front... Last Summer three of us shared a 4 man tent (Tetragon 8) that was $80 and weighed 9 pounds. In that size category the price jump is huge to upgrade much and it is tough to save much weight even if you spend a lot.
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