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Originally posted by a2psyklnut
This reminds me of a story my Mom tells.

First a little background. My Mom is spanish and must talk with her hands in a highly animated fashion. I no longer drive with her due to her inattentive driving, but that's another story!

Regardless, my Aunt, her sister was visiting and they hadn't seen each other in a couple of years.

My dad just bought a new Corvette. We lived near the center of the state, but were spending the summer at a beach house. About and hour drive.

Well, Mom and Auntie were heading back Home one early morning and talking simultaneously in the highly animated fashion and not really paying attention. This was only the first or second time driving the new car. Mom states, "I can barely get this car to 55, it's hard to control."

They make the trip in just over 25 minutes! Mom was looking at the rpm gauge! That's entering the red-line zone! We figure she was hitting 120 + !!!!!!!!!

Mom almost fainted when she realized what she had done! The good thing (funny thing) was she never sped before or after that!

Pretty Scary Huh?
Wow! I've heard of people making that mistake with the old tachs where the numbers were supposed to be multiplied by 100 instead of 1000 like on the new ones. I think that's part of the reason they changed the numbering, because people got confused.

Thanks for the great image of two people flying down the road at 120 MPH while having an animated discussion.

As far as how fast people want to go, well, I think I've been guilty from time to time of not realizing how fast I am going. For some reason it always happens when I'm coming home from Santa Cruz. I'll be following some guy in a Volvo, and all of a sudden I'm doing 95 MPH. I'm trying to be good, I really am.

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