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I am going to buy the torque wrench at Nashbar. It is $50.00.

Yes I had a 3 hour fitting done at the bike store where I purchased the Cervelo. But what I want to do is mark where everything is now and then play around with the fit compared to watts generated when my PowerTap comes.

I was shocked how much faster I became when I originally got the bike fitted compared to my road bike. I believe a big part of the difference was the height of the seat. The Cervelo dealer raised the seat a ton. I then started getting cramps but knee pain seemed less. So when I went back for another fitting he lowered the seat a little. BUt I think I might have lost some power. I believe the calf cramps were caused by over training, and pointing my toes while riding. I want to see on my own if I can raise the seat a little but learn to ride more flat footed and increase wattage a little.

I am finding all of this very interesting and want to learn more. But too much hassle to always be going back to the LBS. I want to start doing more on my own. Heck I have not even ever changed a tire.
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