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I can Trackstand, bunnyhop (just) Endo and side hope

Trackstanding is easy to do after you've learnt the technique, get on a slightly upwards hill, wack it into 3-4 gear, and put the pedals flat, first, maintain pressure on the pedals just enough to keep you up, but not enough to move you, at the same time, apply the brakes abit to steady yourself, to help even more, turn the front wheel at an angle to balance the bike, practise this enough and you'll be sorted

As for bunnyhopping, the one i use it by standing up with your pedals flat, and pointing your toes down, as you pull the front up flick your feet up behind the pedals and jump at the same time, this will bring the back end up level with the front hopefully.....

Endo's - Approach at a slow speed to start with, get a slight bit over the front of the 'balance point' of the bike, and press your front brake on, this will bring the back end up, maintain your position, and hopefully, as long as your not going too fast, you will reach a roughly 70 degree angle, and the back end will start to come back down,bend you legs and maintain over the front of the bike for a soft landing....

Side hopping, similar to bunnyhopping, but in smaller increments, instead of putting force into jumping up, dont jump as high, but flick the bike sideways as you jump, the jumps will be small at first, but as you get better, they will get better and more fluent....

This is the way i do these tricks, dont just follow a manual on how to do something though, experiment with it, and find your own way of doing it... i often find that a much more rewarding and interesting way of learning the tricks......

Have fun
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