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What we sent home from the Trans America... At least one of the three of us sent home the following among many other things:
  1. Extra clothing
  2. iPod
  3. GPS
  4. The maps we were finished with.
  5. Sunglass extra colors of lenses and case.
  6. Mini tripod, that I later caught grief for not having
  7. Dental pick
  8. Books
  9. Pedal wrench after we used it to put bikes together at the airport.
  10. Tools we decided we didn't need.
  11. Parts we decided we didn't need.
  12. Water filter
  13. A deck of cards.
  14. Cold weather gear after we got out of the Rockies (and had lighter stuff sent to us).
  15. Cook pots that we decided to do without (we kept only one).
  16. Too many other things to mention, including stuff that weighed an ounce or less.
  17. Cards, gifts, souvenirs, and other things we accumulated along the way.
We just went through every item and got rid of anything we decided we could do without, no matter how small or trivial.

Near the end of the trip in the Appalachians I was offloading stuff like crazy, but at that point threw a lot of stuff away rather than sending it home including the ground cloth. That one trimming frenzy was worth it though, the Appalachians were tough and I threw away a couple pounds of stuff including extra tent pegs which we seemed to find more of at every camp, and food that we decided we didn't want.

The last few days we had the chance to offload stuff into the cars of friends/relatives. We got rid of practically everything then and stayed with friends and relatives the last several days.

At one point near the end Lauren even offloaded her rain gear, which promptly brought on the rain!

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