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Originally Posted by avatarworf View Post
For us, needing to pump every few days isn't normal. Aside from punctures, I think maybe we pump up our tires once every 2-4 months. We check them often but they stay solid a very long time. We are running Marathon XRs.
I am amazed that anyone gets by with pumping tires that seldom. Even on our touring bikes with relatively fat tires (700X32 100psi) I never go more than a few days at most.

Out of curiosity what size tires are they? Also what pressure do you run and how much do you allow the pressure to drop before pumping them? The fatter the tire and lower the pressure the less frequent the need to pump.

On the valve thing I have never had Prestas leak, but have seen Schraders leak mostly on cars. As was said a spit bubble on the end of the stem is the test. Tightening or replacing the core in a leaky Schrader valve is usually a fix.
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