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Originally Posted by geo8rge View Post
You can do it yourself, you will need to buy tools, grease bearings, or take it to your LBS. There may be a bike club, coop, or advocacy group that has maintenance night events.

You may also need new 'cones'.
I know I could do the work myself with a little guidance. It's like anything else the first time is the hardest. I watched a video on YouTube and it looks pretty easy to do mechanically. The only drawback is purchasing the tools is more expensive than having someone do it for me. Then there is the issue of parts that I have no idea what I need or sizes and part numbers. I am sure if someone showed me the procedure I could do it nevertheless.

Performance Cycling said they would do it for $20 an axle so it is worth it to me to have it done right the first time. Thanks for the suggestion however.....
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