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My opinion, FWIW, is: Both

Assuming you're in pretty good cardiovascular shape:

1. Ride every other day.
2. One day, concentrate on climbing - ride as hard and fast up the hill as you can, over and over. As you get stronger over the days and weeks, increase resistance.
3. Next time you ride, two days later, ride the flat or almost flat route, at your target mph goal, for x amount of minutes.
4. Get in more miles. Ride long distances - ride 30 miles every non-climbing day. Once a week, try to ride 50 or 60 miles, or for 4 hours. 200 miles in 6 weeks is not enough.
5. Be patient and have fun. You will see small gains right away.
6. Buy a large bottle of Ibuprofin.

If you're not in good cardiovascular shape, I'd ride every day and do more spinning in lower gears than mashing.

Good luck. Please share your progress with us. We've all been there.

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