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If you have more hills to do, go ahead and ride all of them instead of doing one over and over. Just know that, to get stronger on the steep one's, you gotta do them. They will get easier. I was suggesting every other day riding because, as you know, you have to have some recovery time to build muscle. Otherwise you're just tearing them down. I'm not an exercise physiologist or anything, but I'm sure that climbing hills makes muscles and lungs work a little different than riding a long flat course.

If you've been riding 40, 62 won't be a big deal. The fact that you're been doing 40 gives you an idea of how you feel at 40, and you know you can do it. You are mentally prepared for the 62, and that is a lot of the challenge. Just look at it like three 20 mile rides. Before I did my first 100 mile ride, I did a 62 so I'd know what to expect. I would not have even attempted it otherwise. As it was, after I hit 80 miles, I crawled the last 20. It was a real MF. Are you riding solo or do you intend to ride with others like a team where you're lined up? If solo, try to get on someone's wheel here and there. If they get away, look for another one. That's another good thing about the large group rides - the atmosphere is fun and exciting, and you will tend to push yourself. You'll be hauling ass the first 10 miles like you're in the Tour de France! Don't get discouraged when you hit a few hills, just keep mashing. Know that there are others out there suffering, too! Have a great time! Take that number you get home and stick on the bathroom mirror so your significant other can see it. You stud!!
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