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Originally Posted by kk4df View Post
I've had good success with Heed on the shorter rides, and Perpetuem on the longer (4+ hour) rides. I get the unflavored Heed, and then add some of those Crystal Light sugar-free flavor packets that you use to flavor bottled water. That way, I can mix in whatever flavor I feel like for the day.

One trick is to avoid any sugar when using these products, or any with maltodextrin as the sweetener. Your stomach may complain on longer rides if you start mixing Gatorade-like products with these two.

I like the Hammer products. They work very well together, and especially the gels, Perpetuem, and Endurolytes work well for me.
Very true. The Gatorade gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach; it was weird. It wasn't as bad as the one time I ate chocolate chip cookies! Never again...

(BTW: Who but Krispy Kreme supplies GLAZED DONUTS for a Century ride?!)

When do you start using the Perpetuem? Do you use it before the ride or somewhere in between? I will try that for my next century.

BTW: Those Hammer gels are TEH AWESOME...tastes like Apple Pie!
Ride more.

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