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Cycling used to be a sport where most riders came from the lower economic scale. They raced for the love and the money. They were required to ride an enormous amount by their teams. Like all pro sports we now see the influx of highly paid athletes/businessmen...the money generated turns them into a really does. They begin to look at everything from a business standpoint rather than a sporting perspective. Whether you agree or disagree... it is what happens.

Lance functions as a corporation first and an athlete second....Mercyx was an athlete first and his palmares shows that...just look above.

The fact that times have changed doesn't make Lance a bad person...just a good business person. However he doesn't hold a candle to the athletic prowess of Mercyx...just look at the statistics, it's laughable to even try and compare.

In Europe people actually attend lots of races. Thats the fan support that ensures the survival of the sport. Thats why the ProTour has been proposed to save the whole sport so that it's not just a few events that survive. Too many stars like Lance will kill the sport for others in the long term and thats just plain selfish.
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