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Originally Posted by waysidekoi View Post
I'm definitely going to get more miles under my tires.. what do you think is a competitive number to shoot for in terms of miles per month? At this point I have been mostly riding during the weekend and working out during the weeks, but I'm going to incorporate more miles during the week.

I know that the number of miles someone can do varies from person to person, but I am healthy enough that I know my body can handle it. I've been doing about 70mi/wk.. should I aim for a higher number
I think time is a more important variable than miles, unless you're training for a ride or race that's a specific distance. If you're riding for pleasure and fitness, determine how much time you have, then ride as hard as you can for that length of time. If you're riding for one hour, you'll go a lot faster (or do more hills) than you will do on a two hour ride.

If you like riding, you'll ride as much as you can and try not to neglect your job and family/relationship.

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