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What do they have to be bitter about? These guys had great careers, and they can afford to be as opinionated as they want to be. I think they have valid criticisms. Lance is getting awards they don't think he deserves because he basically does two races a year. It's just that we all think LA is above any kind of criticism because he's american, he had cancer and he's won the tour six times. Sorry, but that doesn't make him beyond criticism. Eddy Merckx was in a class by himself anyways; I don't think even lance thinks he's near that caliber. But eddy is saying that lance could certainly win other races if he wanted to; he probably has the same stamina and strength eddy did. What EM is saying that if he'd raced as infrequently he'd have had an even longer career, and he's saying that lance is so hugely strong that he could race ten times more than he does. I doubt EM really thinks he could have raced for 20 years, he's exaggerating, duh.
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