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Once you have made the investment in cone wrenches, rebuilding most hubs is pretty easy; it's a matter of developing an educated feel for the exact adjustment.
I maintain our fleet of police bikes (17 of 'em) and my own as well, and also rebuild/refurbish old bikes for resale. So, I do a lot of hub rebuilding.
For me, the necessary tools and the practice are well worth the investment.

However, for the owner of one bike who might do this once in a blue moon...Might be better to take it to the shop.
One thing; you cannot check the bearings while the wheels are still on the bike. Too much mechanical advantage from the wheel.
You have to pop them off and turn the axle with your fingers. You'll know right away, if it feels like someone poured sand in there; they need rebuilding. If they feel slick with no side-to-side play, you're good.
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