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Originally Posted by Laggard
You can rightly compare Armstrong to Indurain. Same eras, same type of riders, etc.
Eras close, same type ... not quite. Indurain killed everybody in the TTs and hung on in the moutains. Lance can do both. Both were singularly focused on the TdF as their main goal for each year.

Also, teams that have a singular focus at the TdF (USPS, NOT T-Mobile) know ... to keep the other riders happy, those who show undivided support for 3 weeks, that some of them get a shot at glory in the Classics or other Tours. I think even if Lance did race some of the other races, he'd be happy to see a teammate who helps him in July, win in April and May.

That's the biz now.
It's an era of specialists.
You will NEVER EVER see another speedskater take 5 golds in a single Olympics. Will NEVER happen again.
The phenomena is not restricted to Cycling alone.

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